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The Soundworks offer a broadcast quality Vocal-Demo recording service.

Complete Vocal-Demo Production Package

Recording a Vocal-Demo at The Soundworks is very much a collaborative experience as you get two professional people, an engineer and a producer, working with you.  The engineer will work his technical magic to ensure everything sounds great while the producer will provide invaluable production support to ensure you deliver your best performance.

Before the session, we will help you select suitable songs that will show your voice in it's best light.  During the session we can also offer artistic advice to enhance your technique such as phrasing and interpretation.

We believe that your Vocal-Demo represents us as much as it does you, so you can be sure that the finished result will be something that we can all be proud of.  We always strive to exceed your expectations whilst having some fun along the way!

We strongly suggest that you use backing tracks but if you wish, you can call on the services of our experienced session pianist for your recording.We can also edit or master any existing material that you may have and incorporate it into your new demo.

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Broadcast quality - Digitally recorded & mastered

Includes a pre-session consultation

Either use backing tracks or our session pianist

Experienced engineer AND vocal producer

Includes MP3 and CD quality WAV file

Just £249 for a complete Vocal-Demo

Hear some Vocal-Demo examples…